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Why Use Containers?

There are so many good reasons!  Here a few thoughts…

·      Variety.  you can draw from a wide range of materials, color palettes, and even the containers themselves.

·      Less work than a full garden – no heavy equipment, weeding, or back pain.

·      Limited space can be just as beautiful – containers can transform a deck or a condo and provide a natural green space with very little square footage.

·      Portable – move your containers around hour home, or when you move.

·      Beat Bamby – containers can help you have your green and bloom, even when animals will comp everything in the yard.

·      Control space invader plants – pot up mint and it won’t run rampant through your garden.

·      Create a special occasion and party favors – containers can be centerpieces or party favors.

·      Make the party about containers.  Plant with BMD and enjoy a fun event where you can learn about plants, enjoy refreshments, and take home your own new creation.  From team building to client appreciation to milestone birthdays, learn, be creative and have a memorable gathering.

·      Containers can design solutions – you can screen a bad view, soften hard edges of a deck, play out your favorite colors or direct traffic, to name a few.

·      Change your look – containers are your perfect place to add seasonal interest.

·      Containers are great for kids – they can learn so much and even adopt their own pots for a myriad of discoveries.

·      Containers are great for cooks – step out the door and grab fresh herbs or edible petals to enliven and decorate your food.

·      Your home is your sanctuary and a place you welcome guests.  Containers can make your space more welcoming and add richness or color and texture.