Botanic Magic Design LLC offers
the following services at attractive price points

Temple Beth-El, NOrthbrook IL

Temple Beth-El, NOrthbrook IL

Home Site Consultation with Annual Container Garden Subscriptions

We will come to you, analyze your growing conditions and your goals, such as enhancing the front entry, or softening the edges to beautify a deck, and then prepare a suite of containers which will be planted and replanted for each season.  Early Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – you can start any time of the year.


 Fresh Floral Arrangements

From centerpieces that live on to unique decorations or party favors, and all you need for a mitzvah, wedding, a special home gathering, or high school dance. Beautiful and creative containers of all sizes for holidays and celebrations such as Mothers or Fathers Day, Teachers Gifts, Dinner Parties, or Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah.  I can help with a single special event, or do a subscription plan for blooms every week at your home or business.

I also do planting and flower arranging parties.  I bring the materials, teach, and clean up.


Garden Design and Installation

It starts with a consultation discussion and site analysis.  I work closely with clients to develop and landscape that will beautify the home and yard, and offer continuing support to add to the garden over time.  My success is built on using high quality plant materials and extensive experience and training - right plant for the right place.  this is becoming the main focus of BMD.  A joy and a passion!