Welcome to Botanic Magic Design!

After spending 25+ years as a weekend gardener on the North Shore while working in wealth management, I am thrilled to be pursuing my passion and carving out a new career starting my own business.

Born to a mother with a green thumb and a flower show judging career (and one of the most admirable collections of daffodils in her private yard), I’ve acquired an appreciation for the science behind plants, as well as color theory and design, early on in life. I traveled the world seeing gardens from Hawaii to Norway to France and all over the mainland US and Alaska.  I specialized in container gardens when I was faced with a lovely new home that came with a hungry pack of deer. They munched on anything I planted in the yard – they thought it was their salad bar!

Not to be stopped, I began with safe bets on my deck.  The whole family is enlisted going to the nurseries and seeing the sweeps of color beginning in spring and continuing throughout the year as fall and winter containers have gained popularity. Through my studies at the Chicago Botanic Garden, experimentation, reading, inspiration from color playing, my children, and my inner artist, I have built over 100 containers.  Using everything from terracotta to old tires, this evolution continues each season and every year, my tools ranging from your predictable but worthy petunia, to tomatoes, to Hanukkah blue spikes, and the proliferation of succulent plants.

The goal of Botanic Magic Design is to take the guesswork out of container planting and offer clients beautiful combinations that add aesthetic value, improve outdoor living, making homes more welcoming, and save both time and money. I learned to coexist with the deer.  I also learned to adorn my home, outside and in, for all seasons. And I can do this for you, changing things up four times a year with interesting new materials and old favorites; all you have to do is add water.

For many years, the signature on my email has read:  “Do something creative every day”. My favorite part of the day is pouring a cup of coffee early when the house is quiet, and taking a slow walk around outside. Seeing a new flower opened, or the texture and color that changes and grows in my patio collection, I am always contemplating my next creation.

In my old career and in this one, I start by getting to know each client well enough to walk in his/her shoes, so I can make a plan and design for success.  In my work at Botanic Magic Design, there is no greater joy than being a good listener, thinking creatively, and paying attention to the details so you don’t have to, while making your world a little more colorful.  I look forward to working with you!

With color and bloom,

Kirsten H Gordon